Corporate, Commercial & Financial Services

The firm's principal focus, together with mergers and acquisitions, is on corporate, commercial and financial services. It advises its clients on their corporate affairs and governance, their commercial arrangements with third parties, and other legal questions relating to their business. This includes corporate finance, banking finance, capital markets and derivatives as well as tax law. It also advises it clients on compliance with stock exchange and listings requirements, as well as other aspects of regulatory compliance. Roodt Inc, in the past year, has advised its clients on listings, exchange regulated transactions, exchange rules and compliance with mineral and related laws. The firm has also represented and advised the Securities Regulation Panel on a number of contentious regulated transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Roodt Inc is highly regarded as advisors in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions and provides its clients with advice and legal services on the full spectrum of transactions included in the field. It is experienced in acquisitions, hostile takeovers, black economic empowerment transactions, management buyouts, reverse take-overs, schemes of arrangement, the application of exchange control regulations and securities regulations and tax law.

Mining & Resources

Johan Roodt, the firm's senior partner, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mineral and resources law. The firm advises a number of clients in the mining services industry on mineral and related laws and on general litigation and related matters. These clients include some of the biggest multi-national mining services and equipment companies in the world. It is also well skilled in services required to support listings of resources based companies.


Roodt Inc advises its clients on competition (anti-trust) law in relation to both mergers & acquisitions and the general conduct of their business in a manner that is complaint with the South African regulatory regime.

It has advised both local and international clients on the competition law implications of both actual and proposed transactions and offers full transactional support in obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals from competition authorities for transactions.

Company Act Articles

The Constitutional Court rules that a shareholder's claim for relief under the oppression section of the Companies Act 2008 is not subject to extinctive prescription.

The art of law – where a person has a legal claim against another person, the law says "use it or lose it"


Johan Roodt named to 2018 Best LawyersTM list

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