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Roodt Inc renders specialised legal services to its select group of local and international corporate clients.

Our experience extends to all aspects of corporate law and commercial law with particular focus on listings, local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, construction, energy and resources law, securities law, as well as various aspects of banking, finance and tax law.

We were rated as one of the top M&A firms in South Africa by Chambers and Global this year and this is what they had to say:

"This compact firm handles general corporate matters, from drafting of agreements to restructuring projects. Sources praise the "very committed" team, and clients rate the lawyers for their "excellent follow-up" and general communications skills. Partner Johan Roodt is the clear main point of contact. As the most prominent name in a tight-knit team, he features on all the key deals."

Contingent trust beneficiaries have certain rights, but they do not have locus standi to apply for the removal of a trustee.

The art of law - the distinction between actual beneficiaries of a trust and potential or contingent beneficiaries

"Piercing the corporate veil" by a court now depends, not on technical legal criteria, but on a value judgement based on commercial morality.

Johan Roodt has been named as one of South Africa's top Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers of 2013 by Best Lawyers

Johan Roodt has been listed as one of South Africa's top M&A attorneys by Chambers and Global 2011.

Johan Roodt has been recommended as on of South Africa's top Private Equity and M&A attorneys by Practical Law Company

Johan Roodt has been recommended as one of South Africa's Top M&A attorneys by Chambers and Global 2010.

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